Panasonic launches five new 4K resolution TVs


Japanese electronics corporation Panasonic’s India arm on Wednesday launched five new 4K resolution smart TVs, thereby expanding its Viera TV series.

The new models are available across two series – the CX 700 series of 4K Ultra high-definition 3D TVs, available in 49, 55, and 60-inch sizes, and the XXL series, which deliver a massive screen viewing experience on 50 and 60-inch wide screens.

“4K technology is the most advanced for Ultra HD TV, delivering sharper and more vivid images than ever before. We have integrated multiple features in the CX series via the Firefox platform, allowing high-quality web streaming, multiple device mirroring, and much more to the Indian consumer,” Neeraj Bahl, associate director of sales, Panasonic India, said.

“However, our focus ultimately remains superior picture and sound quality, which is uncompromised across all the Viera models,” he added.

The Viera CX models are equipped with screen mirroring technology, which enables screen connectivity between Android devices.

The TV can be operated via a wireless remote app as well as through voice interaction technology, with a light-sensitive LED backlight creating local dimming and illumination.


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