New age wearable wrist-band & ring to enable a healthy digital life


A new range of smart wristband prices at US$ 124.99 and digital ring for US$ 59.99 from LYCOS Life products will change the way you live. These wearable devices will enable users to live secure, healthy and efficient lives.

“The most valuable commodity in life is time and this technology helps LYCOS Life users maximize their time by making smarter and more informed decisions using the data they receive from the device,” said Brad Cohen, president & chief strategist of LYCOS.

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These devices have the inbuilt capacity to read an individuals’ everyday patterns and transfer the data securely to your phone via Bluetooth and its Tap to Transfer (T2T) communication protocol. Not only that, these devices have the capability to monitor sleep, heart rate, incoming calls, and important notifications from user’s phone.

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The advanced software of these wearable devices from LYCOS are built to learn who you are, what you prefer, and what you do based on your own patterns and behaviors. And all of this is done securely by allowing you to control your own personal data without sharing it with any other person.

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