Backup Your Instagram Memories using this tool


Welcome to the article which will tell you how you can download your favorite videos or photos from Instagram in your phone.

Instagram, the second largest picture video library, after Google, is a platform with over 500 million active users sharing their photos and videos daily. The Facebook owned company, Instagram had been begun as rival to Snapchat and has now grown into a larger widely used application for viewing photos and videos not only by the individuals across the whole world but also the organizations.

In the context to watch the videos later, although Instagram has provided its users with the ‘Save’ option with the help of which the video or the photo gets added to their private library in the ‘bookmark’ tab on right of their profiles and they can always watch it hassle-free. And in case of photos, you can also always screenshot them which is notified to the users via DM’s by Instagram as testing feature.

Instagram Video Downloader


It has eased the itch of the users to watch their most loved videos on a repeated mode whether for information or exploration or entertainment or mere satisfaction. But downloading those photos or videos is something Instagram doesn’t warrant you to.

But who says you cannot do it?

Of course there are various hacks or apps to download the Instagram videos and photos and the chief among them being- SocialDown– Instagram Video Downloader which allows you to add the videos or photos to your app and enables you to watch them without fearing the exceeding data usage.

But do read the Instagram’s policy on intellectual property before moving ahead with the process. You can backup your own old pictures but be aware of copyright infringement before using it for anyone else’s data.

How to download a video using the app SocialDown

Two simple steps:

How? Just follow the steps detailed below:

  • Copy the link to the desired Instagram video or photo, go to the Instagram Video Downloader app i.e. SocialDown and paste it.
  • ‘Copy URL’ button on Instagram brings out an automatic circular button for opening the same post in the Instagram Video Downloader app and the content gets downloaded.
  • Like various other similar applications, this application too accredits you to share the downloaded media on any social networking site like Facebook or Instagram or any website that can share downloaded Instagram videos or photos.
  • And obviously, the content on public profiles only, can be downloaded. It is suggested that you do not let the third party applications log in to your Instagram account.
  • SocialDown, an internet video downloader, can be used for the purpose of downloading the videos from Instagram.

All you have to do is follow the basic steps mentioned before; Copy the link and Paste it in the SocialDown application. Since the apps are free, these are ads infected.

This application is available on the Google Play Store.

As a cautionary advice to the audience, use those apps carefully because a repost or re-sharing of a video or a photo against Instagram policy may land you in serious troubles or worse, a banned account.


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