HitchBOT, the robot vandalised and beyond repair


HitchBOT, a robot which was  created as part of a social experiment has had its tour sadly put to an end by vandals in Philadelphia. An email was sent to the the team informing them that the robot was vandalised beyond repair.

The immobile robot had earlier managed to travel Europe and Canada by relying on the niceties of unknown travellers even going to the beach, attending a wedding and living with members of a rock band. It would usually be placed in an obvious place by the side of the road; with a smile on its face and its thumb pointing upward as if it was hitching a ride.

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Researchers tracking hitchBOT used GPS to track its movements and also fitted it with a camera to take photographs of its adventure every 20 minutes. The robot could even engage its companions in conversation.

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HitchBOTs epic US trip had started on July 17th and had sadly ended in a cruel way. The co creator Frauke Zeller had this to say about HitchBOTs last trip, “Sadly, sadly it’s come to an end. I hope that people won’t be too disappointed, too sad.”

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