Google app to help you find the right android phone


With a deluge of Android smartphones flooding the mobile market every week, Google develops a new tool to help users find the best android phone based on their preferences  gathered by making people answer a few questions.

The “Find the Android phone for you” tool is part of the company’s Android site. Describing the tool, Google says, “With many Android phones to choose from, here’s a great place to start. Answer three or more quick questions, and we’ll suggest phones just for you.”

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The app provides people with a choice of 12 options: Taking photos; Listening to music; Being productive; Social media; Gaming; Watching videos; Being on the go; Staying fit; Texting & instant messaging; Talking; Web browsing; and Expressing my style. Based on the option selected, the users are presented with a further set of questions asking them to detail how many hours a day they spend in their chosen use case. Users have to choose at least three options, and then click on “Show Me Phones” to view the recommended handsets.

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The result page shows a list to choose from based on on carriers, sizes, prices, and latest phones. However, information about the database of mobile phone options that the app considers is not known.

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