DxO Photo Lab Review: A Combined Alternative to Multiple Photo Editors.


Searching for alternatives of Prima, we’re today reviewing  Photo Lab compared to Prisma editor.

The software, DxO Photo Lab was released back in the ending days of 2017, and some of us may know that it is the successor of DxO Optics Pro. Mobile photographers used DxO Optics Pro to get maximum quality photos out of RAW photos.

Well, DxO Optics Pro was quite handy and famous during its initial days. Then the developers wished to pull out a newer version. Hence, DxO Photo Lab was created.

DxO Photo Lab has several useful features, very quick to learn and use. It is not just like any other Photo editing apps like Prisma or Optics Pro. You can feel it when it’s RAW photo editor will break through your anticipation.

What Makes the DxO Photo Lab So Useful?

Optics Pro was obviously a tremendous one. But, what DxO Photo Labs did was replaced its all systems. Before Photo Labs came into shape, Optics Pro was just offering RAW edits to its customers. Photo Lab ran over it and made a complete tool to fine pitch a photo with every kind of editing features.

DxO Photo Labs almost have all the features which were missing and badly needed in Optics Pro. So, if you are looking for a perfect photo editor over Optics Pro, then you can pick out Photo Labs.

Oh, how come I suggest about something whose features are missing. Also, you need to know the product details too.

So here we go!

Ease of Accessibility & Price.

The best things you will like about the Photo Lab, are its wide range of accessibilities and features. It comprises of several features including converting RAW images into generic ones. After that, you can recreate images with excellent sharpness, with absolute no noise and hassle too.

Again saying, you don’t have to buy multiple tools to edit photos as per your needs.

Suppose, you just edited a photo using photo shop, then you need some local adjustments. Now, you will go and open another photo editor and do it. Then you are surely wasting your time. Why waste your time when you can get both the tasks done by a single Software like DxO Photo Lab?

About the Software’s Pricing?

Actually, the software has 2 versions at the meantime, DxO Photo Lab Essential, & Elite version. They both are very useful. The Essential version will cost you £99, while you can get the Elite one for £159. That aso comes up with 1 month free trial of DxO Photo Lab.

Some of The Features

  • Selective local adjustments.
  • High quality conversion out of Raw clicks.
  • Adjustable Matching Lenses.
  • Almost compatible with every kind of Camera and Lenses.
  • Vast improvement in Sharpness, noise and contrast after using it.
  • Has a micro contrast slider which can be used in a smaller range.

Pros and Cons


  • A total combination of all the useful photo editor apps.
  • Great quality stuff, you don’t have to worry about conversion.
  • Batch Processing enabled.
  • Optional Add-ons for users.
  • Separate window for customization states who good is the editing.
  • You can organize, compare and customize from any angle you want.


  • Very Slow batch processing.
  • Both of the software are very expensive.


Even Photo Editor apps like Prisma, can’t stand out for RAW images processing when compared to DxO Photo Lab software.

DxO Photo Lab is really helpful and determined to help its users. There might be some glitches or errors sometime, but at least you don’t have to use different apps to edit one single photograph. So, it is worth the call.
If you intend to use it for your personal or professional works, then make sure to come back and pop a comment here in below which will be highly appreciated.

(Views expressed here are of reviewer’s own and Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t endorse them.)


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