Google sued for tracking smartphone users’ whereabouts even when ‘location history’ off


Days after it emerged that Google was tracking the whereabouts of smartphone users even when ‘location history’ being turned off, a California man has filed a lawsuit against the tech giant seeking unspecified damages.

location history

The lawsuit has also demanded a class-action status to represent all US iPhone or Android smartphone users who turned off location history in order not to have their movements logged by Google, reported AFP.

“Google expressly represented to users of its operating system and apps that the activation of certain settings will prevent the tracking of users’ geolocations,” the news agency quoted the lawsuit.

The lawsuit has been filed by one Napoleon Patacsil of San Diego. A report by Reuters said the plaintiff as alleging that Google illegally tracked him on his Android phone and later on his iPhone, where he had downloaded some Google apps.

He alleged that Google’s ‘principal goal’ was to ‘surreptitiously monitor’ phone users and let third parties do the same.

Google has not responded on the lawsuit as yet. A news report last week had accused Google of violating users’ privacy even when their phones were off.

After the report, Alphabet-owned Google modified its support page to read that turning off location history off “does not affect other location services on your device, like Google Location Services and Find My Device.”

Location data may also be tracked for use in other services such as maps or search, the support page indicated, a report by AFP added.



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