WATCH! Yuvraj Singh takes potshot after Dinesh Karthik reveals how left Sourav Ganguly fuming


Dinesh Karthik, who has been trying his best to cement his position in the national team, recently revealed how ended up upsetting Sourav Ganguly in his debut game for India. Speaking on a chat show hosted by Gaurav Kapur, Dinesh Karthik said that Ganguly, who was his captain then, was so upset with him that he yelled at him by asking, “Where do you get these guys from?” This prompted Yubraj Singh to take a dig at Karthik on Twitter.

Dinesh Karthik

Karthik was speaking to Gaurav Kapoor on his chat show when Rohit Sharma prompted the chat show host to ask him about what happened to Karthik during his debut tour. When asked by Kapur, Karthik said, “It’s a fun story. Funny meaning embarrassing story.”

He went on to reveal how he was picked up in the national team to play in the 2004 Champions Trophy. However, he was left on the bench as a substitute in the match against Pakistan. “I was 18-19 years old. I was not in the playing XI. So here I am. Every time there’s a fall of a wicket, I run to the ground with a bottle of water for the batsmen.”

At one point, he ran so fast that he wasn’t able to stop himself and collided with Sourav Ganguly, pushing the Indian captain by few meters. This angered him so much that he yelled at him saying, “Where do you get these guys from?”

Yuvraj Singh took the potshot at the video of Karthik’s interview and said, “dada exact words! Kaun hai re ye pagal ! kahan se pakad ke Latien hai ???? in the middle of india vs pak tense game ! @DineshKarthik your hilarious @ImRo45.”

The match against Pakistan a must-win for India, but thanks to a brilliant knock by Mohammad Yousuf that India ended up losing the match by three wickets.


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