World reacts to Blatter’s resignation


In a shocking announcement on Tuesday at a hastily arranged press conference at FIFA’s Zurich headquarters, FIFA President Sepp Blatter expressed his intention to resign after an “extraordinary elective congress” elects a new boss. Blatter will until then act as the interim leader. This came against the backdrop of corruption scandals hovering over FIFA’s top officials. Blatter, however was not among those indicted.

Blatter who was re-elected President for the fifth time said on Friday,

 “Why would I step down? That would mean I recognize that I did wrong.”

Following his resignation, the world of football went abuzz about the fate of the controversy-ridden world cups in Russia and Qatar and reforms necessary to revamp the working dynamics at FIFA.

Football Association chairman, Greg Dyke said,

“If I was in Qatar today I wouldn’t be feeling very confident. I think the news is long overdue but it is good news for world football. It now means that we can get someone in to run FIFA, we can get in there and find out where all the money has gone over all these years and sort it out for the future.”

DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach on Blatter:

“The decision is absolutely right, it’s long overdue.”

“A hard decision, a brave decision, and the right decision,”

says UEFA President Michel Platini.

Franz Beckenbauer too commented on Blatter’s decision,

 “It was a wise decision from Sepp. The pressure was too great.”

“This is a good day for world football. Sepp Blatter has done FIFA a great service by resigning. All who seriously advocate a reform of FIFA, must now contribute constructive proposals for the unity of football. Credibility and transparency have to come first.”

quoted Renhard Rauball, Presidenmt of Germany’s Bundesliga.

“A good day for FIFA and for football. Change is finally coming. I said on Friday that the day would come sooner or later. Here it is! Now we should, responsibly and calmly, find a consensual solution worldwide in order to start a new era of dynamism, transparency and democracy in FIFA,”

remarked Luis Figo, one of the contenders for the top position before he pulled out his nomination.


  1. It’s like we are yet to get anew baby in the history of football any way it was aright and just decission from Mr. Blatter


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