Weeks after friend Arun Jaitley’s death, Rajat Sharma resigns as DDCA chief, blames ‘vested interests’


Weeks after Arun Jaitley’s death, Rajat Sharma has resigned as the head of Delhi and District Cricket Association blaming the ‘vested interests.’ Sharma took to Twitter to admit that working as the DDCA chief was not easy for someone like who operated with ‘principles of integrity, honesty and transparency.’

Rajat Sharma
Photo: India TV

A statement by Sharma read, “..Cricket administration here is full of pulls and pressures all the time. I feel that vested interests are always actively working against the interest of cricket. It seems that it may not be possible to carry on in DDCA with my principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, which I am not willing to compromise at any cost.”

Sharma, who also owns India TV news channel, was elected as the DDCA chief last year with many crediting his late friend Arun Jaitley for ensuring his victory in the cricket body. Jaitley too had held the post for several years in the past.

Sharma went on to add that he faced many roadblocks, opposition and oppressions, ‘just to keep me from discharging my duties in fair and transparent manner.’ However, he added, somehow ‘I kept moving with only one agenda that all promises made to the members must be fulfilled while keeping the interest and welfare of cricket paramount at all times.’

Many insiders say that Sharma’s position was severely weakened after Jaitley died as he began to lose grip on the DDCA affairs. DDCA General Secretary Vinod Tihara with whom Sharma’s relationship was reportedly thorny from the beginning began to assert his position more convincingly soon after Jaitley was no more.

Soon after Sharma resigned, three other key members including CEO Ravi Chopra and two members of Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), Sunil Valson and Yashpal Sharma, too have reportedly stepped down from their posts.


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