The things we can’t believe: A 38-0 victory in an international football match on Sunday


Fiji has broken the record for highest-margin goal victory in a single international match after beating Federated States of Micronesia by a whopping 38-0 in the Pacific Games on Sunday.

Amazingly, at half-time, Fiji led by 21-0 as Antonio Tuivuna scored 10 goals.

Fiji have now broken Australia’s long-standing record of 31-0 against American Samao, that victory coming in 2001 during an Oceania qualifier for the 2002 World Cup.

The only catch is that it is yet not sure whether FIFA will acknowledge this Fiji record while it comes at an under-age tournament.

Interestingly, Micronesia lost their first match in the tournament 30-0 to Tahiti.

Butchered, is that the right word to explain the loss?


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