Sri Lankan Women cricketers sexually harassed for place in the team


Sri Lankan sports ministry has revealed that Players from Sri Lanka’s women’s cricket team were forced to perform sexual favours to secure their places in the team.

Following an investigation started earlier this year, the sports ministry said it stumbled upon evidence of sexual harassment of the members of the national women’s cricket team.

“The committee report found evidence of sexual harassment by members of the Sri Lanka cricket women’s management team against several members of the Sri Lanka cricket women’s team,” the sports ministry said in a statement.

The three-member committee was headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge Nirmal Dissanayake.

What necessitated this probe was a complaint that a player had been dropped for refusing to have sex with cricketing officials.

The sports ministry has not revealed the identities of those officials involved, but said that disciplinary actions will be taken against them.

AFP news agency quoted a Sri Lankan minister as saying, “It is a shameful incident.”


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