Sachin Tendulkar earns plaudits for eco-friendly immersion of Lord Ganesha to save ‘ Mother Earth’


Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has earned plenty of plaudits on social media after he posted a video of immersing the idol of Lord Ganesha in an eco-friendly manner to save the environment.

Sachin Tendulkar

Taking to Twitter, the cricketer, also known as the God of Cricket, wrote, “This year, we immersed our Bappa at home in an eco-friendly way and I would request you to do the same too. I believe that God would want us to take care of our Mother Earth and an eco-friendly celebration of #GaneshChaturthi is the way forward. #GanpatiBappaMorya.

In the video posted by him, Tendulkar could be seen carrying a small idol of Lord Ganesha before immersing it in a bucket full of water. Sharing the rationale behind his decision to immerse the idol at home and not in the sea, Tendulkar said, “This year, when I was driving past Marine Drive, it was raining. I saw that the sea had thrown out on the land every piece of litter that people had thrown inside the sea. I did not like the sight. Somewhere, it hurt me.”

He went on to add that it was at that time that he decided to do the visarjan (immersion) of Lord Ganesha at home. Tendulkar said that when he discussed the idea with his mother and his religious guru, both liked his idea.

No sooner did Tendulkar post the video, Twitterati began to applaud him for his concern for environment. Human rights campaigner Harish Iyer wrote on Twitter, “Dude even the god of cricket gets a small eco-friendly god. Whats your excuse for the giant size moortis.”

Another user Pandey Ishtkam tweeted, “Guess the God of cricket is still showing us the better way forward.”

Going by the response, it’s clear Tendulkar continues to positively influence his fans even after his retirement from the game.


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