Liverpool’s Champions League hero Mohamed Salah slams media and fans for not being allowed to attend Eid prayers


Liverpool’s Champions League hero, who had helped Liverpool football club beat Tottenham, enabling the Merseyside team to lift the prestigious title for the 6th time, has hit out at the media and some fans for not allowing him to attend this year’s Eid prayers.

Mohamed Salah

Salah had returned to his home country Egypt to celebrate Eid with his family after winning the Champions League. On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to slam the media and fans for disrespecting his privacy. He wrote in Arabic, “What is happening right now by some of the fans and journalists cannot be described as love, I can’t go out of my house to perform Eid prayers. This only could be described as non-respect for privacy and non-professionalism.”

He later posted a photo of himself wishing everyone ‘Happy Eid.’

According to local media reports, Salah even sought the help of local police so that he could be escorted out of his house to perform his Eid prayers, but it was of no help. Fans and media personnel began to gather outside his house in his Nagrig village, in Gharbia governorate from Wednesday morning to click selfies with him.

After the local police and Mayor failed to ensure adequate security to him, Salah’s wife and daughter Mekka were seen going to perform the Eid prayers with Salah’s mother but the star footballer was not with them.

Salah is back in the country to take part in this year’s African Cup of Nations, which Egypt is hosting. The prestigious all-Africa football summit is scheduled to be held from 21 June.

Last week, Salah became a hero after he scored the second-ever fastest goal in a Champions League final from a penalty spot. He became the first Egyptian player to win the coveted trophy and only the second Arab player to score in the final after Algeria’s Rabah Madjer, who had scored for Porto in the 1987 final.

Reacting to his performance after the match, Salah had said, “Being Egyptian and getting to this level in football is something incredible to me. I have sacrificed a lot in my life for my football career.”

The meaning of his name Salah, an Arabic word, means prayers. it’s ironic that the media frenzy stopped him from performing that very act.



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