“Harsha Bhogle paid the price for not chanting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ every time we scored a boundary”


On Sunday cricket lovers were stuned to know that the BCCI had sacked the most famous cricket commentator India has produced from the IPL commitments.

The decision to terminate his contract for the ongoing IPL 9 season came as shock to many including Harsha because the commentator was actively involved in in the Season 9 draft auction and even featured in the league’s promotional videos. What’s worse is that the ever-smiling face in the commentary box had even his flight booked by the production house.

Even though Sony Network has the Exclusive broadcast rights for the event, it’s the BCCI, which takes call on all matters related to production of the cricket tournament.

There are several theories being attributed to for Harsha’s unexpected removal from the list of IPL commentators. One report said that his exit was linked with an incident during the Twetnty20 match in Nagpur, when he had a heated argument with an official from the Vidarbha Cricket Association. The current BCCI boss, Shashank Manohar, comes from this region.

Other reports suggested that his removal may have stemmed from Amitabh Bachchan’s indirect criticism for him after he was seen not ‘adequately praising Indian cricketers’ during one match in T20 World Cup.

He had even posted a clarification on his Facebook page.


Whatever, the reason, the twitter went into frenzy on Sunday night with social media users rallying behind the commentator.

Here are some of the tweets posted in his support;



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