Detailed football fixtures of the English Premier league


The world famous English Premier League guarantees a serious competition every year, many star football players, huge contracts and unpredictable results until the very last round. For the fans of the Premier League, watching football fixtures tonight is a very important thing, because each club has a multi-million audience of fans who want to keep abreast of all events happening to their favorites.

It is especially nice to watch tonight football fixtures online if you don’t have the opportunity to watch the match on television or live. This brings additional excitement, and the high-quality statistics of each minute show everything that is happening on the football field. Thanks to the modern technology, the fans from anywhere in the world can access the results, information on past matches, the league table and the list of top scorers.

At the moment, in the English Premier League, the majority of matches are held in the evening, but there is also an opportunity to watch the teams’ battle in the afternoon; this is done to spend the weekend properly and not to be distracted from your favorite football games for a minute.

Premier League results today – is the EPL situation clear? 

The start of the new season of the English Premier League gave fans a lot of emotions — and just a few rounds have passed — for which there are many questions for many clubs and their management. The Premier League results today show that Liverpool started the new season particularly well – the Champions League winner lacked only a little to be able to win the coveted Premier League trophy, losing an advantage over Manchester City. The Merseysiders have long dreamed of becoming champions of England, and in the new season they are closer to this than ever, now being ahead of the closest competitor by a decent amount of points.

The head coach of Manchester City is not worried about this, because in the previous championship draw Liverpool was also ahead of the Citizens by 7 points or more, after which it lost that advantage.

So, the following questions pop up with today’s Premier League results:

  1. Will Liverpool have the strength and energy to become a champion, after a long pause without the main trophy of England?
  2. Will Manchester City surprise the experts and fans by catching up with the leader? Also, many fans of the club are interested if their favorites be able to repeat last year’s achievement, having won all the English cups?
  3. Will Manchester United, Everton and Tottenham get out of the long unlucky streak?
  4. The last question is traditional for each year – what will be the five leaders getting their permits to the European cups of the new season?

At the moment, attention is focused on such details, while some moments are constantly, according to tradition, annoy fans from year to year. Whatever it was, we can say for sure that the English Premier League will delight all its fans with high-quality football, attracting more and more attention to the cup fights.


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