Check Today’s football results of the Italian Team


Recently, the football matches of the Italian Serie A have become even more spectacular, and the favorite defensive style of many teams has changed to an attacking one. That is why today’s football results proves to the fans the effectiveness of the clubs.

The new season of Italian football started with good matches, and in addition to the club championship, the national team demonstrates a high level of performance. Last year, Italy failed a new tournament – the League of Nations – but the team has seriously transformed and this year has not lost a single match. The coach of the Italians, Roberto Mancini, trusts many young and talented players who, in turn, did not let the specialist down and confidently entered Euro 2020, leaving no chance to other teams.

Among today’s’s football results of the qualification stage, it is important to note the Italians’ serious motivation for the game. There is also a balance between the lines, which allowed to score many goals and miss the minimum amount of them. However, the main goal of the national team is to win the Euro 2020 Cup, which they are quite capable of doing given the excellent current roster.

Start of the Serie A – leaders and outsiders

There are no sensations at the beginning of the new season 2019/20 of the Italian championship. The first rounds of the Serie A showed Inter Milan’s zeal to interrupt the winning series of Juventus Turin. Also, another failed start of Milan did not surprise anyone. The Roman teams started the season not in the best way, but they are gradually gaining momentum and are ready to fight for the European Cup zone.

The main favorites for the winning of the champion title are the following:

  1. Juventus – the team changed their coach at the beginning of the season, excellent players were also acquired for problem positions. The Turineses focus on the Champions League, but pursue maximum goals in Italy.
  2. Inter – just like their main rival, the Milanese have strengthened their lineup well and changed the coach. Antonio Conte promised to impose a fight for the champion title, and so far the team manages to demonstrate a good performance in Serie A.
  3. Atalanta, Napoli, Roma – the clubs did not start the season in the best way and, given the busy schedule, they will try to win gold medals.

Among the losers of the season, such teams as Milan, Sampdoria and Genoa stand out, Fiorentina, Torino and Parma also started the new championship poorly. After the first rounds, the Italian championship has a good level of football, and the teams demonstrate interesting and exciting performance.


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