Archery Association of India reacts strongly to denial of US visas to Indian archers


President of the Archery Association of India (AAI), VK Malhotra today reacted strongly and said that India will strongly protest the denial of visas to 19 Indian archers who were scheduled to leave for the US tomorrow. The archers were set to participate in the World Youth Archery Championships in Yankton, South Dakota.

“We have already talked to the World Archery body and our Ministry of Sports, External Affairs Ministry has also written to the US embassy. We will strongly protest against it, have decided to withdraw our team,” Malhotra told a news agency.

“Whenever any country holds any international championship the first clause is that all member countries will have to be given visas,” he further added.

The AAI chief also stated that the reason behind the denial of visas was extremely humiliating and disgusting.

“The reason they’ve cited is that you have not demonstrated that you have ties that will compel you to return to your country. Rejecting visas on this basis is very humiliating and disgusting, we will make a strong protest,” he said.

The visa denial had sparked outrage with IOA vice-president Earlier, Tarlochan Singh, President of IOA had slammed the US embassy and stated that the young archers should have been encouraged to take part in the games.


  1. The visa officer must be dumb. He/She should be reprimanded for lack of common-sense. These kind of visas for a national team should be a mere formality and should not be denied. In fact, the governments of US (and India) should show more responsibility and accountability to make sure that everything related to an international event such as World Youth Archery championship goes smoothly.


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