Woman caught selling virginity of friend’s daughter, jailed for 3.5 years


A Russian woman’s attempt to auction virginity of her friend’s daughter for thousands of dollar has backfired and resulted in her arrest.

Alina Kukanova was desperately trying to find the highest bidder for the 13 year-old girl  to a wealthy Emirati for the night. Shockingly, the idea to find a buyer for the girl’s virginity came from the minor girl’s mother, Irina Gladkikh.

Gladkikh, from the city of Chelyabinsk in western Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region, was reportedly keen to live a luxurious life with the money earned from selling her daughter to a rich person for a night.

Kukanova managed to find an interested party from UAE and a deal was struck for $18,000. But, this fell through even before the payment could be made. Kukanova then informed her friend that she had found another buyer in Moscow.

What she did not realise that the ‘buyer’ from Moscow was an undercover police officer, who had seen Kukanova’s attempts to sell off the young girl on internet and felt it was time to act.

The undercover police officer called the woman for dinner at a restaurant in Moscow, gave her fake money before getting her arrested along with the girl’s mother. The teen was later sent for medical examination.

While Kukanova has been sentenced to 3.5 years in jail, the mother is yet to be sentenced. Experts say that she could get at least 10-year jail term. Police said that both women were sex workers and wanted to sell the girl to the highest bidder in order to fund their lavish lifestyle.




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