“Z Security for Ambanis and for Aam aadmi ‪#‎BabajiKiThullu‬”


Central government has provided ‘Y’ category security cover of armed CRPF commandos to Nita Ambani, the wife of billionaire business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani.

This came after Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani was accorded a ‘Z’ category security few years ago.

The relationship of Ambani family with the BJP government at the Centre has long been a subject of intense social media conversations.

It’s not surprising then why the news of Nita Ambani being accorded an specia security privilege has once again provoked social media users.

While some users felt incensed, others have resorted to posting tweets filled with sarcasm.


Here are some examples;

User Chikoo wrote, “That’s insult of our commandos whose only dream is to secure our country and not some Nita Ambani.”

User Albert Einstein’s tweet read, “Her security responsibility too should have been given to cow protection groups. This would have saved country’s money and provided jobs to low IQ youth. #NitaAmbani”

User Odd-Even Anugrah said, “Modiji’s first step for Women’s Security – providing Z+ security for Nita Ambani
Now only 586.47 million -1 left”

User Hello wrote, “Will we protect our borders or billionaires : this sums up dilemma of gap in haves & Havenots…#kargilvijaydiwas.”

User Rohit Kannan wrote, “If u have money &if the PM of the country is 4 sale then Y cata security 4 you is assured!fate #SuitBootSarkar”

User Dinah Ashiho said, “Beware & stay away from Nita Ambani as CRPF can/will use pellets on you as Modi finds it to be the most effective way to scare away people”

User Shailendra’s tweet read, “Congress provided “Z” category security to Mukesh Ambani & now BJP provided “Y” category security to Nita Ambani.wat abt Aam aadmi?”

On Facebook user Chandan Poorna Swaraj wrote, “Modi govt fails terribly 2 provide security 2 women in Delhi but, brings achhe din 2 Nita Ambani who can afford private security ‪#‎VVIPcover‬”

User Charbak Subudhi said, “Dhanya Ho! Yea Desh ke Janata ko bhi manna padega, Sabkuch sahlete hain. Z Security Ambanio keliye, aur Aam Janata ko (Z security for Ambanis and for common man) ‪#‎BabajiKiThullu‬”



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