Sushma Swaraj responds to allegations of pro Muslim bias


Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India is known for being interactive with Indians in foreign states that need help from the Indian government, especially on social media sites like twitter.

However, she faced allegations from a user, who blamed her for only helping Muslims while Hindus abroad are allegedly harassed for Indain visa.

Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindu Jagran Sangha accused the popular cabinet minister and said, “Modi Ji, your Sushma Swaraj only take care of Muslim visa. But Hindus are getting harassed to get Indian visa. Very upset.”

Sushma Swaraj responded to the allegation with grace claiming that her motive was to help Indians, and not people of a particular caste or religion.

This response earned her plenty of plaudits from social media users who praised her for incredible reply.

Music director Vishal Dadlani too took a stand openly expressing his admiration for the foreign minister. As expected, he was soon joined by others too.


  1. When both hindu and muslims suffer due to inconvinience in foreign cuntries, the duty of the government is to help both communities. The ministrr has rightly tweeted that ‘ India’ is hdr country and ‘ Indians are her people. She must be complimented


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