Social media users can’t have enough of PM Modi’s floral shirt


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again been dominating the conversation on social media while on a foreign trip. And, like in the past, this time too it’s not been for discussions on policies or signing of MoUs.

It was his floral rockstar shirt that social media users simply couldn’t ignore.

Photo: Courtesy Indian Express
Photo: Courtesy Indian Express/ANI

While Modi’s supporters desperately clarified that the prime minister was only wearing a traditional South African shirt, they were not enough to deter his detractors from poking fun at his unusual choice of attire.

Others mockingly stated that the shirt worn by the prime minister had been declared the best shirt by UNESCO.

While, some felt that this was a sign that Smriti Irani had well and truly taken over the ministry of textiles, others concluded that the choice of floral shirt chimed well with the prime minister’s rockstar image.


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