Social media erupts after video of ‘Nero’ Modi busy playing drum while Kashmir burns goes viral


Jammu and Kashmir has been plunged into utter chaos and uncertainty after the security forces gunned down the Hizbul poster boy, Burhan Wani, on Friday.

At least 17 people including a policeman have been killed and more than 150 injured in the subsequent violence that followed. A curfew has been imposed across the valley and the mobile internet network has banned. The Amarnath Yatra was suspended for two days.

The BJP has been receiving plenty of flak for the inept handling of the situation by its government in the valley.

Just when Kashmir is on the boil and people expected a leadership from the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the latter’s video of drumming in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania was flashed by media.

With Modi busy showcasing his drumming skills while Kashmir burned, social media users found the act incredibly insensitive. Many likened Modi to the 1st century Roman emperor Nero, who was accused of playing music while nearly 75% of Rome burned leaving a large section of its population homeless.

Social media users have been angry because Modi showcasing his drumming skills came at a time when a crisis of this magnitude grappled an Indian state, he so passionately campaigned in to win elections there. To connect and win the hearts of people in the valley, Modi had even celebrated Diwali in the state.

Should Modi have cancelled his African trip? Many would think yes, he ought to have cut short his trip to return home to provide leadership.

That’s what a caring leader does and there has been plenty of precedents in the recent times. On Saturday, President Barack Obama cancelled his trip to Europe midway after the Dallas shooting, which left just 5 officers dead.

In 2012, when London burned because of racial riots, Prime Minister David Cameron cancelled his trip midway to return home primarily to provide leadership and also to establish that he cared about his people.

And examples are plenty. It’s, therefore not surprising why social media has erupted on the perceived insensitivity of the prime minister.

Here are some reactions from Facebook:

Sylvia Karpagam: He is playing the funeral note for democracy and justice

Ravi L Bhatnagar: That suits him best….Modi Band..

Abhishek Agrawal: Shame! Shame on modi. Real shame.

Mirza Raza Abbas: Mann ki baat – Difference between the leaders of US & India. Obama cut short his visit in Europe due to the riot & killing of 4 policemen. While Modi is still continuing his futile tour of Africa in spite of Kashmir valley burning 16 civilian and 3 policemen missing in action.



  1. BJP preparing well planned base for 2019 Lok Sabha elections as it will have no other agenda but only Hindu Muslim fraction at large due to its communal and caste divide and rule policy.
    Great rule Modiji, whose thirst not quenched by godara episode.

  2. There is nothing modi can do. Let security forces deal with muslim unless you want to see 10 -15 Pakistan’s in India.

  3. Modi is an insensitive man, but that is not the sole issue; the bigger issue is – he does not know that he is insensitive….

    He seems to be so much full of himself all the time that he just does not see the shortcomings of his own, which automatically extends and entails that he just can not see the basic and the practical problems of the very people who elected him up to the top.

    I’m so sad to admit that this is not the Modi I thought to be out of when i voted him in power in 2014.

  4. RSS Pracharak NaMo had taken birth as a Politician fabricating his Illusive Image can’t help but to “Beat his own Drum” !!!

    Thus “Bechara Aadat se Majboor”, #modi Knows nothing except Event Management !!!

    This is all about Mr. ‪#‎NaMo‬, the best Event Manager of the Century, that too at the cost of Taxpayers’ money !!!

    APCO ‪#‎NaMoNamah‬: The Truth Behind Narendra Modi’s Ressurection!

    “… APCO Worldwide and NaMo
    Sometime near August 2007, APCO Worldwide was hired by Narendra Modi to rebuild his image before the second assembly elections he was to face as Chief Minister. Since then, APCO has handled Modi’s makeover and projection for an estimated monthly retainer of 25,000 USD a month. Since 2009, APCO has been selling Modi’s flagship event ‘Vibrant Gujarat , and as a result the events returns have gone up by a few hundred billion dollars.

    The question that will undoubtedly be raised here is; so what? What is wrong with a politician approaching a P.R. firm to boost his image and credentials? Apart from the moral ramifications of dishing out thousands of dollars tax-payer money for personal projection, there are a few other issues to be considered here. …”

    So as the end Result we find few FOOLS shouting around,
    ‪#‎modi‬ … #modi … #modi …

    Is it not Absolute ABSURDITY of a Politician since #modi’s Initiation who is eventually an Accidental PM of our most Unfortunate Motherland ???

  5. This article is being paraded by Modi baiters all around. What would have been achieved by cutting short the visit. The 5 people that were killed in US were policemen. After 9/11 (in 2001 incase you forget) this was largest attack and causality figure for police. Thus in 15 years 5 policemen were killed once. This is not normal in USA but would have happened many times in India and Kashmir. Few days back only 8 CRPF jawans were killed in cold blood.

    I am no Modi supporter but it is easy to see. A terrorist gets killed in Kashmir. People get agitated that ISLAM IS IN DANGER and terrorist becomes SAHEED. This is normal there. Even Kasab would be SAHEED there.

    What I am amazed is coordination of these Modi baiters. Had Modi appealed would it have stopped stone pelters and arsonist. Police is not rounding up silent protesters.

    The coverage on social media with photoshopping and computer graphics etc. To not see through the drama would be obvious that lot of money and support available from across the world (nothing official about it)

    It is laughable when whole of this could have been orchestrated easily from Pakistan. Give the location of Burhan to Army/Police near weekend. Flag the paid stone pelter army to get ready for disturbances. Police does its normal search and combing. Terrorist is killed . As it is weekend admin is on weekend mode. Before anyone knows 8 to 10 people are dead which feeds on itself and another 10 get killed.


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