“Patriotism if it’s Vanzara but all hell breaks loose for Shahabuddin’s release”


RJD strongman Mohammad Shahabuddin on Saturday walked out of prison on bail after 11 years with much fanfare and praised party chief Lalu Prasad while making it clear that there was no love lost between him and chief minister Nitish Kumar.


“For me Lalu Prasad is the leader” and Nitish Kumar is the chief minister “circumstantially”, said the controversial leader, who has been a four-time MP from Siwan, as he emerged out of the Bhagalpur divisional jail and left in a convoy of three hundred vehicles for Siwan.

Shahabuddin, who is a member of RJD National Committee – the top decision making body of the party- and is known to be close to the RJD chief, said categorically that he never enjoyed good relations with Kumar.

A user Anshul Saxena wrote, “40 cases lodged against #shahabuddin but still HC grants him bail. Best of jungle raj is yet to come. RIP System. Shame on Lalu-Nitish Govt.”

User Frustrated Indian wrote, “Dear Nitish Kumar, congrats to you and your partners in crime too
#shahabuddin ”

User Naina wrote, “JD Goon #Shahabuddin Is a free man today.The more heinous d crime election win is guaranteed.Bihar mai bahar hai. ”

However, there were other users who highlighted the glaring hypocrisy of those who were questioning the release of Shabuddin but were silent on the release of Gujarat IPS officer DG Vanzara.

User Abdul Mustafa wrote, “@timesofindia @NitishKumar some devotees r feeling pain on the releasing of shahabuddin.why devotees didn’t cry after D.G. Vanzara releasing.”

On Facebook, user Wahaz Ahmad wrote, “When Vanzara was released it was an act of patriotism but all hell breaks loose when same happens to Shahabuddin.”

MP from Bihar Rajesh Ranjan aka Pappu Yadav, wrote on his Facebook page, “Shahbuddin has come out of the jail after 11 years. Hopefully he himself will end the climate of fear in Siwan. There will be no personal enmity and everybody will live in cordial relationship. Social media today has become very power, nothing can be kept secret.

“Of all the people, the BJP has no right to comment on Shahbuddin. This party has been protecting leaders such as Surajbhan Singh, Sunil Pandey, Rama Singh, Bablu Singh and Brijbhushan Singh.”


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