When self-proclaimed nationalist ‘Abhijeet’ called India a ‘ghatiya’ and ‘ghulam’ country, mocked India’s independence


On Saturday night, former Bollywood singer, Abhijeet abused and sexually assaulted journalists on Twitter inviting widespread wrath from sane social media users.

Mumbai Police was alerted and, thanks to jantakareporter.com‘s intervention and campaign that the cops finally relented and agreed to act against the right-wing anti-Muslim singer of yesteryear.

Part of Abhijeet’s gripe was that the journalists, Swati Chaturvedi and Rifat Jawaid, were allegedly more loyal to Pakistan than India.

His astonishing allegations bordering insanity aside, an old video of the so-called nationalist, Abhijeet, insulting India has gone viral. In the video, Abhijeet is heard calling India a ghatiya and ghulam country.

From the video it appears that reporters have surrounded him for his reaction on India’s independence day celebrations. To which he said ‘independence for what? India is a slave country.”

The video abundantly exposes his hypocrisy and claims on fake nationalism.

It also gives credence to the established perception that his hatred for Pakistan and Muslims emanate from the rejection he faced from India’s neighbouring country in the past.

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