Sania Mirza’s ‘smashing return’ to Sanjay Manjrekar leaves no ‘love’ lost between them


Other than being a player with immense tennis prowess, Sania Mirza is also known for her incredible wit.

Not long ago, the World No. 1 doubles player, was in the news for forcing popular journalist Rajdeep Sardesai to commit an ‘unforced error’ during a TV interview. Rajdeep, even without the help of a chair umpire, had to concede that his question asking the player about settling in life had given her a Match Point. The TV host soon corrected himself and had apologised prompting Sania to admit that it was a rare quality in this day and age.

Sania Mirza

On Wednesday, Sania proudly announced on Twitter how she had been the World No. 1 player for 80 consecutive weeks.

She wrote, “Today I complete 80 consecutive weeks as the number 1 player in d world?its been an amazing journey and just inspires me to work harder @WTA”

Her feat was widely applauded by many prominent names on the microblogging site. Of course, everyone who follows her understood that she was referring to her rankings in the doubles.

But not Sanjay Manjrekar, who took a dig at the tennis sensation with his tweet filled with sarcasm.

He tweeted, “No 1 doubles player you mean. Congrats!”

Sania was nimble-footed with her smashing ‘return’ with this reply.

She wrote, “Since I don’t play singles anymore isn’t that obvious/common sense?my bad,common sense is not that common after all I guess.. :)”

She, however, didn’t forget to thank the former India cricketer for his compliment by saying, “Hey.. But thanks for your wishes though of course.”

A visibly embarrassed Manjrekar struggled to justify his original tweet. He wrote, “Well, you missed out an important detail for someone like me who lacks common sense :)”

A ruthless Sania agreed with him and posted the link to a website which carried all the detail.

Her tweet, which gave her both the set and the match, said, “Clearly!!! So here you go .. An article with all the ‘important details’ .. :)”

We wonder what Manjrekar may be thinking after this cruel encounter with India’s tennis sensation!



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