Shocking but true! Yes many googled to know PV Sindhu’s caste


Caste is never far away from any public discourse in India. The issue of Dalits have become more contentious in the recent time with the topic acquiring political colour.

The Centre’s BJP government has been on the backfoot after the right-wing supporters faced public ire because of their acts of terror against Dalits in the name of cow protection.

Since then, the BJP social media foot-soldiers have never missed an opportunity to mock any reference to Dalits portraying right-wing supporters in poor light.

So, it was not surprising when some joked if anyone was going to ask for PV Sindhu’s caste after the badminton star created history a Rio Olympics.

And they were not disappointed after it emerged that some had indeed searched for the Olympics silver medalist’s caste on Google.


What was even more shocking is that the interest over past 7 days for the term “pv Sindhu caste” peaked around the time she won her semi-finals and finals, reported News Minute.

People searching for Sindhu’s caste even in the midst of widespread celebrations just shows how we as society have yet to evolve.



  1. Shameless Indian idiots. It started long before. Religious and Caste fanatics rules India. otherwise how a deadly poisonous fanatic terrorists win the election?

  2. I have no doubt in my mind that those who googled Sindhu’s caste are India’s secular liberals. They probably wanted to take a dig at high caste Hindus. India’s seculars are the most communal

  3. Ridiculous! How can you grid people in “better” or “worse” ones. Universe doesn’t even work that way. Very few are understanding it,unfortunately. People create unnecessary rules and limitations to themselves that comes out from their ego, greed..etc…whatever else it is. By doing so they are basically putting their level of human evolution at pathetically low level. That’s all.


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