Piers Morgan mocks India’s hyped Olympic celebration, then retweets ‘Modi’s tweet’ with similar content


British journalist Piers Morgan on Wednesday became the dominating theme of social media conversation for his criticism of India’s poor performance in Rio Olympics.

In his tweet, Morgan, who’s now moved to the US and presents a flagship show on CNN, mocked India’s hyped celebration at winning just two Rio Olympics medals.

He tweeted, “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals. How embarrassing is that?”


His comment angered many Indians as they began to troll the British journalist. Noted among them were controversial Indian writer, Chetan Bhagat and socialite Suhel Seth.

Piers, it seems, was on fire as he responded with incredibly witty one-liners to his Indian critics.

Bhagat, while commenting on Piers’ tweet, misspelled the journalist’s first name.

Bhagat’s tweet read, “We honor achievers Peirs. Top 3 in the world,despite 3rd world sports facilities isn’t loser.It is freaking amazing!”

To which, Piers too replied by wrongly spelling the name of the Indian writer.

Piers wrote, ” Noted, Chatan.”

Piers wasn’t finished yet as he appeared determined to tackle his Indian critics on Twitter head-on.

True to his form, Seth didn’t hesitate to make his attack against Piers personal.

His tweet read, “What is even more embarrassing are your snivelling interviews as if you had a diaper in your mouth. Sad.

Pat came the reply from the 51-year-old British journalist, “At least you’ll never have to worry about being one of my interviewees, Suhel. I only interview famous people.”

The former Daily Mail editor also received plenty of support from Indian social media users including some popular celebrities.

Film director and a prolific Twitter user, Shirish Kunder reminded all of how Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi too had once allegedly tweeted expressing similar thoughts as that of Piers.

Modi’s alleged tweet had gone a step further and asked the Indians to die of shame. But of course, this was during his time as an opposition leader.



As expected, Piers was nimble-footed in retweeting Kunder’s tweet that included the snapshot of Modi’s tweet.

With just one silver and a bronze, India had finished at an appallingly 67th position in the Rio Olympics medal table.

In contrast, the British contingent had returned home with 67 medals including  27 gold, 23 silver and 17 bronze. This was two more than what the British athletes had achieved in London Olympics four years ago.

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  1. So Chatan is not far away from Satan! 🙂 And that’s just a harmless joke! .. Anyway, .. Piers Morgan is right when he says that it can be embarrassing. His comment has to be taken in the right spirit. He himself actually feels concerned. You see, you are all connected, what you achieve is known to all, ok?, so when you start celebrating after this performance then the world cannot help noticing it, .. and then it becomes a part of them also. Ok? IT BECOMES A PART OF THEM. Understand this little fact or logic. It is with that spirit that he has written. And that is the way of a connected, “belonged”, civilised world. You see either you say “hey mind your business” and completely shut off yourself from everybody (COMPLETELY), but then can you do it? 🙂 .. So take his comment in the right vein. He is not your enemy. He could very well be your teacher of a kind, a guru of a kind. Brutal honesty is something that Indians must learn to accept. All of you start to accept facts and this country of ours, yours would be a better place. Don’t do ‘oye’, ‘abe’, ‘kyaa hai be’, ‘tu kaun he be’ unnecessarily. So There. 🙂
    And yes, Indians’ feathers get ruffled very easily. Piers Morgan himself may not even have imagined probably that he would be made to read or listen to comments which may be facts but were quoted wrongly, meaning that those facts are that only – facts. And strangely and wrongly those facts are being touted as justifications for lambasting his comment or view. This evades logic. It is even idiotic. I mean some things are being used as props to lambast him, but it is deceit. I mean those things are not supposed to be quoted to pin him down. It is like a fact itself crying out aloud, “hey I am a fact, I am true, but you are using me wrongly, and I did not give you the right to you to use me as a prop on your “behalf” for wrongful purposes because that is not what I actually imply.”
    So Indians are actually deceiving themselves. Indians shout hoarse, make noises. When it comes to enterprise and industry, they form lazy coteries. Then they shout mera bharat mahaan. Ha ha. What an andher nagaree this BHARAT. Ha ha. Indians will continue to deceive themselves. And I will surely be kicked and kiked and crucified! 😮 🙂


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