“Parrikar has only confirmed what we’ve known: use of cyber-mobs to lynch those daring to question”


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has received flak from his political rivals for his controversial comments on actor Aamir Khan.

Parrikar on Saturday had called Aamir arrogant adding that anyone who spoke against the country must be taught a lesson.

“How come people get guts or courage to speak against the country? “Such people who speak against the country need to be taught a lesson by the people of this country,” he added.


Parrikar also indicated that a team was ordering and returning goods from Snapdeal — a company the actor was associated with — to create pressure on both.

Right-wing supporters had claimed to have downgraded the Snapdeal’s rating on App store after Aamir’s reported comments on growing intolerance.

This confession has caused a huge backlash on social media users condemning the defence minister for acting in an undignified manner.

This dominated the social media conversation since Sunday morning with Aamir Khan remaining a top Twitter trend.

Here are some reactions:


  1. I am a huge fan of Aamir Khan but the day he gave that unnecessary comment, he proved that he is stupid person. If a 50 yrs old man , a celebrity who has such a fan following doesnot know wat to speak then why to follow him. All people of influence should speak positive about nation and unite the country and not criticise and spread fear among masses. If a criminal commits a crime, everybody starts the religious and political rheotaric as if one religion or political party is responsible for every crime. The people who commment the most havent even seen how masses live in our country. They think writing and commenting only is their duty as intellectuals. Dear friends why cant we be together to strenghten the moral fabric of the society to reduce crime of any kind. I feel people who are influencial can contribute alot. I condemn Mr Aamir Khan’s comment but that doesn’t stop me from waiting eagerly for his next film. What Mr Parrikar said, i also agree for it. For what my few friends are commenting dont even know the cjharter of duties of defence minister, he is responsible for external as well as internal threat to the country, aid to civil authority is helping out the citizens is his responsibility, binding the nation in unity is his responsibility. Hence i request not to side a person based on his religious and political affinity but to actually be a countrymen first.
    From Aamir Khan fan

    • Aamir khan did not say that India is intolerant country …he only that the kind of news his wife is reading from the newspapers n the enivirinment is created is creating feeling of insecurity ….and also he said this kind of statement by his wife is disastrous statement …and as far his contribution in uniting n crating feeling of oneness in India has been from his tv shows like satyamev jayate n movies n his contribution in draught prone areas …

  2. There has been a pointed question by many including at least one anchor of a tv channel, what’s the illegal or extra constitutional thing about what shri Parrikar, the Raksha Manthri has said about Amir Khan and Snap deal and Bhakth community campaign to teach lesson to Amir Khan through the losses caused to Snapdeal!

    With due respect to all concerned, let’s look at what he said.

    He said in very clear English!

    He knew that there was a group.

    The group asked people to order things on Snap deal and then return them, as a way of teaching a lesson to Aamir khan.

    Now how and why does this happen.?

    Aamir khan said something the Sangh pariwar is offended. They think it is anti national.

    So some of Sangh pariwar decide to form a grouping!

    They start a campaign asking people who believe it or who are carried away by the Sangh pariwar propaganda, a la shri shri Maha shri Joseph Goebbels, to order things on snap deal e commerce website, and once the goods land, return the product back and claim refund !

    Now snap deal uses Amir khan as brand ambassador ! So it pays him some hefty sums, because his work helps them tick!

    By ordering and returning in this manner asked by this group that has malice against mr khan, the people doing that have shared and accepted the common intention of the group to punish Aamir khan!


    If a large number of people , who have no intention of buying the products on sale on their e commerce website place orders for things they do not need or want or have no intention of buying them, and then in pursuance of their organised plan to cause wrongful loss to that company dishonestly, then the company which is interested in business and not in political principles will find hounded and will in all likely hood drop me khan as it’s brand ambassador !

    Thus wrongful, dis honest and fraudulent loss is caused to snap deal with the objective of black mailing the Snapdeal to snap it’s contract with mr Khan!

    Thus causing wrongful, dishonest and fraudulent loss, mental agony to mr Khan!

    Now this is a pure and simple text book case of fraudulently and dishonestly causing loss to some one or more!

    The people who placed the orders did not need the products or did not want to place order. Their sole imotive was to place the order with a prior intention to only receive the product and then return it for no other reason than cause loss to the company snap deal.

    the motive is to make snap deal believe that if they hire mr khan, they will be targeted by the storm troopers or the modern hitler!
    They will be bled!
    And the intention of the group that sparked the campaign was to achieve the purpose mentioned above .

    So there is a criminal cconspiracy, a common intention among all members of the group, those who motivated the group, that is the Sangh pariwar, and those who acted in furtherance of the common intention and criminal conspiracy of the group!

    And the more dangerous thing is, shri Parrikar, the defence minister of India among, perhaps many others, knew this was happening.

    He is expected to know the serious criminal offences being committed by this group motivating and propagating large number of innocent and otherwise not criminally minded people of India, to do these unlawful acts.

    And if he knew, and did nothing to activate and motivate the concerned law enforcement agencies to act as per rule of law, then He becomes an accessory to the crime! And everyone else who knew and happy! Lol!

    It is altogether a different matter wether he is charged with the offence he apparently seems to have committed, and pays for his crimes.

    In India rarely people placed In the position as he is, are charged!

    Now these semi literate Tv anchors were asking non legal persons an extremely complicated legal question!

    Looks like they wanted to favour the pariwar as they may be scared or they are being scared by the powers that be!
    I see the best of anchors scurrying to appear to be favouring the pariwar and even indecent to it’s critics, snapping them abruptly. Most Yv shows the pariwar guys dominating and brazenly interrupting and monopolising the time!

    If people of India do not take care , the fascist and semi fascist forces will soon take over India and bring the rule of shri Adolf Hitler to India.
    That will be a sad day!
    Satyameva jayathe!
    Jai hind!


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