Modi condemns Munich attack, social media users say ‘Oh my God’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Satuarday condemned the “horrific” attack in Munich and said his prayers are with the families of the deceased.

“We are appalled by the horrific incident in Munich. Our thoughts & prayers are with the families of the deceased & those injured,” he said in a tweet.

Nine persons were killed and 21 injured when a gunman went on a shooting rampage in a mall in Munich in Germany.

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 Modi’s quick condemnation of brutality on civilians on a foreign soil has not gone down well with his criticis, who’ve been demanding the prime minister to speak on issues of bigger importance faced by Indians.

Several parts of India including Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat have been on the boil because of unrest and public flogging of Dalits respectively.

In Kashmir, nearly 77 people have died in clashes between civilians and security forces.

Here are how Facebook users have reacted to Modi’s condemnation of Munich attack.

Eric Coelho: Looks like to international attacks he condemns very fast, how come when it came to Dalit attack he asked his Home minister to make a statement. Looks like he can’t handle his position well as PM of India. We need to have 2 PM now in India – One PM of India to travel which modi can do and another PM to rule India.

Stanley Vss: The PM has ample time to condemn for terrorist attacks that happens across the world but not enough time to talk about the terrorist attacks by the Gau Rakshaks towards fellow citizens

Pakkiresh GK: Wow he is not PM of India.. How fast u response on other country’s attacks… What abt Dalits in ur own Gujarat model mera pyare pradhan sevak

Gregory Farnandes: Oh my god what a PM he condemns the attack of other country but don’t have the time to condemn the attacks happening on the people of his own country what a shame….

Ranjan Raj : No condemn and action taken in india… tweet Mr. Twitter pm on serious issue in india he can tweet outside India …..

Shri Krishna Kayithi: not a word on violence against dalits in his own country

Anu Thakur : he can only condemn on what is going outside india not on whats goin in india … ?? what is the difference between former pm and him ??? before elections pretended to be something else but indeed he is same …

Shaheryar Ahmed : Good chance to visit Germany now..

On Twitter

KB: You are right waha 10 log mare to phat se condemn kiya aur apne kashmir me 47 log mar chuke to abhi tak nai bola.

Sanjay K Sahoo: Condemns attacks on Munich, enjoys attacks on dalits. Is it or is it?

Amar Shukla : What about the violence within the country

Manvendra Singh Rana : Wish Modi was equally aware of attrocities on Dalits in BJP ruled states as well …


  1. यह तो विज्ञापन है, जिस विज्ञापन से बी जे पी को सत्ता मिली है. विज्ञापन और प्रोडक्ट में अंतर तो होता ही है. देश में दलित मारे जाते हैं और हमारे प्रधानमंत्री विदेशों में ड्रम बजाते हैं. उनकी नज़र हमेशा कैमरे पर रहती है, विज्ञापन अच्छा होना चाहिए.

  2. How much you people are getting from congress party for posting only anti govt. Reports. So called janata ke reporter if you are really want to post good news why not when govt. Is really doing well. You are intersted in making money.

  3. This site is nt jantakarepirter but instead of anti nationalist.has ample time to defend & remarks PM message inrespect of Munich. Those people are raising voice & pretending to support for J&K terrorist attach, Gujarat Dalit matter who r mastermind & writer of these stories.

  4. This Jantakarepirter is also one of the supported channels for repirting in favour of Arvind Kejriwal. Why you all not raising voice the incident happened with Dalit in Bihar. Because Ketu has list interest for that state. All supporter r keen to target BJP’s ruled state.But other states are free from all kind of incident and crime. My message for all supporter that we people of India not fool we are innocent & trustworthy. Change ur attitude bro.We all are watching.

  5. Atteck on dalit is action by his administration. Atteck on munich is his moral support to the victim nation. Its simple thing but haters will not understand this simple logic


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