Meet BJP’s Tamil Nadu President, who thinks Thangavelu jumped ‘1800 feet’ to win Paralympic Gold


On Saturday, Indians woke to a hugely exciting news of two Indian athletes making history at Rio Paralympics by winning a Gold medal and a bronze each in the same high jump competition.

While Tamil Nadu’s Mariyappan Thangavelu created history by bagging the gold, Varun Bhati won the bronze medal in the men’s T42 high jump on the second day of the mega-even in Rio.

Tamilisai Soundrajan

Thangavelu won the yellow metal with his best jump of 1.89 metres, while Bhati’s best effort of 1.86m fetched him the bronze.

The silver medal in this event went to USA’s Sam Grewe who also registered the same mark of 1.86 metres.

Social media platforms were deluged with congratulatory messages for both the athletes. Thangavelu, in particular, earned plenty of plaudits for his sheer courage and his ability to fight extraordinary odds to win laurels for India.

Thangavelu was just 5 when a speeding truck had crushed his leg below the knee. His mother had to take a loan of Rs 3 lakh to pay for his surgery. A loan that she has till date not been able to pay, say several media reports.

While social media users were busy celebrating a historic performance of Thangavelu, the BJP’s Tamil Nadu president, Tamilisai Soundrajan, congratulated the athlete for jumping 1800 ft height.

Yes, according to the BJP’s Tamil Nadu president, Thangavelu cleared the height of more than 10 India Gate put together. The height crossed by the star athlete, according to Soundrajan, was little short of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.


Soundrajan has since then deleted her tweet without offering any apology or clarification.

Her gaffe comes just weeks after the Union Sports Minister and her senior party colleague, Vijay Goel, had said that India had won two Olympics Gold Medals at Rio Olympics. Indian athletes PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik had, in fact, won a silver and a bronze respectively.

Not too long, the Kerala Sports Minister was in news for similar gaffe when he described the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali as a Keralite.

Though Soundrajan has now deleted her tweet, social media users particularly on Facebook have been busy poking fun at her.

Here are some of the reactions:

Hemant Guru: Thank God, Dr.Madam didn’t mention it as 56″ high jump event

Khaled Khan: She is a doctor for God’s sake…. spare her. She wanted to be an Engineer but later decided to take medicine as career…for obvious reasons.

Zafar Badar Uddin: This is what if you learn from RSS shaka. She being a Doctor doesn’t understand simple measurements.
All lunatic like her assembled in the great Party.

Ambuj Gupta: hhhahah one more symbol of well known leaders statement of BJP. they are really much informed and talented .. SALUTE TO U MAM

Prashanth K Dalvoy: And these such sanghi rss and bjp morons hide behind Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s photo to cover their foolishness….. Now I know Y these people make fun of him, coz he is quite a normal guy like us all. If he were anyone from bjp, they would have got killed by rss and sanghis illiterates… Jai Hind!

Krishnan Iyer: She could be good replacement for Irani…Very soon modiji will take special interview & she will pass with flying colours…

Namratha Ravi: Np, anyway nobody in TN pay heed to bjp, so she can tweet whatever she wants

Sagar Mohite: She thought it was a real estate website 1800 feet is her flat area.. She forgot to mention SQ…


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