“Maulana Azad and Pt Nehru exchanged chocolate to celebrate Smriti Irani’s removal as HRD minister”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced his first cabinet reshuffle since forming government in May 2014.

Among the major changes announced were removal of Smriti Irani from the HRD ministry and taking the Information and Broadcasting ministry away from Arun Jaitley.


However, it was Irani, who dominated the social media conversation. And, as expected, the  conversation about the actress-turned-politician wasn’t very flattery in tone.

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Once again many used the development to mock her questionable educational qualification, others relied on the famous poetry of Urdu poet Ghalib to take dig at her.

The minister has been a subject of constant social media ridicule because of her frequent gaffes, controversial statements and educational qualifications.

Not so long ago she was in news for making astonishing comments describing the addressal of an individual in an official communication as ‘dear’ insulting.

She then found embroiled in an unwanted controversy involving a social media user for her inability to exercise restraint.

Smriti Irani remained the top Twitter trend across India all throughout the day soon after the news of removal from the HRD ministry became public.

Here are some reactions:


Unofficial Sumbramaniam Swamy: Worst part about removing Smriti Irani as HRD Minister is, Anti Nationals like Kanhaiya and Saral Patel can’t troll Smriti Irani anymore.

Rahul Chandra: Congrats Smriti Zubin Irani for being given the Textile Ministry. Because saffronization of clothes is always easier and less harmful than education.
: -RC #justSaying

Ashish Maurya: बीजेपी ने स्मृति इरानी से कहा.. “बहुत हुई गयी पढ़ाई-लिखाई.. जा के सीख ले सिलाई-कढ़ाई ”










  1. आज फिर एक बेटी के हाथ से किताब छीन कर सिलाई मशीन थमा दी गई है। ????


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