Manohar Lal Khattar waters plant during rain, photo goes viral


You may remember how the photo of Mumbai’s Vasai-Virar’s Mayor Pravina Thakur bravely watering plants even when it was raining cats and dogs, had gone viral.

Now a photo of Haryana’s chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, replicating Thakur’s feat has gone viral.

In the photo, Khattar is seen watering the plant, while one of his associates can be seen holding an umbrella to protect the chief minister from the drizzle.


Although, to be fair to Khattar, there was only a drizzle this time and not full-blown monsoon downpour. But this hasn’t stopped the social media users from having a go at the chief minister to draw a parallel with Thakur.

Aditi Bamal: Haryanvis call him बावली तरेड़ for a reason.

Atul Kumar Bharti: Photo ho gaya na..bas ..ab chahe ped sookh jaaye

Bibu Bose: No work except confrontation and blackmailing.Atleast he should show the people that he has some work.Probably planting vegetable trees to increase supply and control prices.

Viren Lather : स्वामी जी अगर बरसात होती तो नीचे पैरों में रंगोली भी फैली हुई होती और ज़मीन पर कीचड़ होता ।
और साथ वाले लोगों के कपड़े भी भीगे होते ।


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