Video of brutality by Indian soldiers goes viral


A video of newly recruited army cadets being mercilessly hit with canes has gone viral on social media platform with more than two million having watched it on Facebook.

In the video, few men wearing T-shirts with ‘Army’ written on the back, can be seen launching brutal assaults on young recruits even as they cried in pain.

However, far from being deterred by their cries of pain, one ‘senior’ is seen attempting to gag one recruit understandably to ensure that senior officers did not come to know about their acts of brutality.

Reacting to the video, Lt Gen( Retd) HS Panag tweeted, “Video Showing Abuse in Army Goes Viral. Is This Normal Practice? I am horrified. Not the IA I served in!”

Social media users too have echoed similar sentiments condemning the act.

Here are some the reactions from Facebook:

Manjunath Doddaiah: Inhuman act by these rowdies

Jagdip Singh Sura: This is not a part of army training… just fake to demoralising the army

Abhishek Shandil: Main reason why they take young people below 20 years of age . no grown man would ever except this treatment .

Ajay Verma:  Shameful. But I had also seen it in trg

Nitu Raj Omg: .. really ridiculous… Who r they ??? Shud be some action on these people??


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