Hundreds of ‘mother’ cows die in Rajasthan, carcasses forced to rot


Amidst shocking reports of hundreds of cows’ death in a BJP ruled state, Rajasthan, the state government has now said that the deaths were due to malnutrition. This has led many to ask if this is how ‘we treat our mother.’

The Rajasthan government was forced to issue a statement after media reports said that hundreds of cows were lying dead and their carcasses forced to rot in Hingonia, the state’s biggest cow shelter.

A statement by the Rajasthan government said that death of cows did not occur due to carelessness in Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation centre here.

Secretary of animal husbandry department Kunji Lal Meena said that the government was making all efforts to make sure that proper arrangements were in place in the centre where animals died in the past few days.

Meena, according to PTI, said that ‘these cows were already sick.’

He said that there are 8,000 bovine animals in the centre and a team of 14 veterinary experts and 24 assistants look after them.

He said that there was no carelessness involved in providing them food, fodder and water.

Earlier, former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said in a statement that “there have been reports of malpractices in Hingonia gaushala for long. Even the Rajasthan High Court had to pass an order to probe irregularities. Despite inquiries and criminal cases related to gaushala, the situation has only worsened in the past months.”

Meena informed that in the last few days a special campaign was undertaken to capture stray animals, therefore, the inflow of animals to the centre has increased.

“1,228 bovine animals were captured from July 15 to July 31 and most of them were suffering from malnutrition and were sick,” he said.

However the incident has caused outrage among social media users who have begun slamming the BJP-led government highlighting its hypocrisy over claims that the party cared about cows.

The supporters of BJP and its affiliate organisations have caused physical harm including murders on the pretext of protecting ‘gauta mata (mother cow)’ in the recent past.

Here are some social media reactions;

Shakir Ahmad: Only fools think that gau rakshaks will save those cows. These people steal thousands of animals from traders, it is impossible for them to take care of all these cows. So they have 2 options either sell them in black market or kill them. So they are no more able sell it in black market because of hype nowadays, the only available is killing them by denying food or other indirect means.

Terence Francis There is a scam being run by the Gaurakshaks they run the Gaushalas not for the love of cows but to make money using the cow. There should be an invistegation to weed out theese scoundrels

Avishek Dutta:  Thousands of farmers (humans) committed suicides, they introduced a new tax. If this gets so much attention, now with GST, they’ll tax the shit out of taxpayers, motherly love after all.

Adil Firoze: Where are those goons who will kill anyone for their mother , can’t even take care of their mother in the time of need


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