Former Bollywood singer Abhijeet may be in trouble after sexual assault on female journalist


Bollywood singer of yesteryear, Abhijeet, caused a considerable Twitter buzz on Saturday after his tweets replete with ‘filth’ targetted journalists on the microblogging site.

Abhijeet, known for his support for the right-wing extremist politics, launched a Twitter tirade against journalist Swati Chaturvedi and’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid. Little did he envisage then that the battle on social media will result in potential cases of sexual assault and trying to disturb law and order against him.


It all started with the singer astonishingly declaring the murder of an Infosys techie in Chennai as a case of Love Jihad, implying that her murderer was a Muslim.

The suspected murderer arrested by Chennai Police was Ramkumar and not a Muslim.

Swati and many took to Twitter demanding Mumbai Police to act against the former singer for allegedly trying to cause riots by stoking religious tension.

User Priyashmita Guha tweeted, “This man should be arrested.”

Swati Chaturvedi tweeted, “.@abhijeetsinger is jealous of Pakistani singers who took his mediocre career! Even tried to incite SS against them!”

This prompted the singer to, what many felt, cross all decency by hurling choicest of abuses at the woman journalist. “बेशर्म बुढ़िया..U not proud of Indians? Wats your breed? U sk pakis..I fk Pakis, U lick..I kick, dnt block just wait.(sic)”

Rifat Jawaid intervened sarcastically describing the former singer’s action as very sanskari (culturally appropriate.)

Rifat tweeted, “So sanskari.”

By this time Abhijeet was getting unprecedented Twitter roasting, but they had very little impact on his action.

He was quick to respond to Rifat by indulging in name calling.

He said, “Yes we Hindustani kick Paki supporters .. That’s our proud Sanskar .. समझे सफ़ेद छछून्दर ?”

Rifat replied calling him a paper tiger, who lacked courage to fight at the border.

He tweeted, “Kick from your living room? Hv balls, go to border. Lekin wahan patloon geeli ho jayegi! Keep lickin! Tat’s wat ur breed do.”

Meanwhile, Swati had already approached the Mumbai Police complaining of an attack on her modesty by the former singer.

She wrote, “Pure filth @MumbaiPolice he’s trying to forment communal riots & abuse rather obvious. Why no action?”

Mumbai Police advised her to lodge a complaint against Abhijeet at her local police station in Delhi.

Little later, Mumbai Police also informed her that it had taken cognisance of the right-wing former singer’s attempt to allegedly cause riots by spreading false information.

Abhijeet is not new to facing allegations of sexual assaults. Last year in October, a 34-year-old woman had accused him of sexually assaulting her. The woman in her complaint had accused Abhijeet of touching her inappropriately and abusing her during a concert of singer Kailash Kher.

So, what started as a usual rant by a former singer visibly disgruntled with life, turned out to be an episode he may profusely regret in time to come.

Meanwhile Twitter users continued to express their views critical of Abhijeet.

Here are some examples;



  1. Abhijeet was never an artist and never can be one.He was a fluke and flukes cannot sustsin competition .Not in Bollywood ,never.He is sick and he has proved it a number of times.

  2. Nobody is above the law and abhijeet too is a common man, he is to prove his innocence before law or shall fail trial,no doubt he has shown a poor feature that is unbecoming and unexpected, must be jailed if proved guilty of offence as revealed in tweets.

  3. Abhijeet is mad – a good singer but nevertheless mad. But what I would like to know is when you say “Kick from your living room? Hv balls, go to border. Lekin wahan patloon geeli ho jayegi! Keep lickin! Tat’s wat ur breed do ” what do u mean by “Tat’s wat ur breed do”?!


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