Facebook unblocks Wikileaks content, calls it accident after Twitter users slam social media giant


Facebook on Sunday decided to unblock the Wikileaks content after facing backlash and condemnation on Twitter by social media users.

Many social media users on the microblogging site complained that the Facebook had blocked the new expose by Wikileaks after it dumped more than 19,000 leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee in the US.

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One user reported saying that ‘Facebook is saying Wikileaks links are malicious.’ To which, Wikileaks’ official Twitter handle asked for a screenshot.

The user, Adryenn Ashley posted another tweet with the screenshot of Facebook message.

The Facebook message said, “The content you’re trying to share includes a link our security systems detected to be unsafe.”

This prompted the Wikileaks to take to Twitter to shame the social media giant.

It tweeted, “.@Facebook is blocking #DNCLeak email links. Monday is the Democratic National Convention”

Faced with considerable condemnation, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos, later tweeted saying, “It’s been fixed.”


Facebook is notorious for blocking content, deemed critical of the social media platform or entities that its founder Mark Zuckerberg is believed to enjoy good rapport with.

Not so long ago, the Facebook had removed an innoucuous news story on a new Bollywood release published by jantakareporter.com. Despite jantakareporter.com’s repeated attempts, no explanations were given. The Facebook had instead imposed restrictions on the website.

Many other users and owners of large pages critical of Israel and Narendra Modi government made similar complaints about Facebook’s alleged bullying tactics in the past.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

User Christina said, “Dear @facebook don’t try2stop Public spreading links2 other side of story from Wiki..We don’t just want2hear establishment view.”

User Konamali wrote, “Facebook is just as corrupt as Hillary. American values are being killed. @wikileaks thanks for putting in long hours.”

User Tom Hitchcock Jr tweeted, “keep them coming. We will fight this evil. We will win! 1776 will commence again. They can’t shut us down.”

User Justin wrote, ” I cancelled my #Facebook account. I refuse to partake in the social engineering agenda of #Evil #Globalist #MarkZuckerberg !”

User Richie Chin said, “So where are we now? China? @jack @twitter @facebook OPENLY censor users & access to information! THINK ABOUT THIS!! #1A #DNCleak”


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