Fresh threats by Abhijeet to woman journalist, social media outrage on silence from women’s commission and Mumbai Police


Controversial singer Abhijeet has continued to issued fresh threats to woman journalist, who filed a complaint with the police on Sunday for sexual harassment.

In his subsequent interviews to media, Abhijeet, said that journalist should consider herself lucky that she was ‘a lady.’

He told NDTV, “Lucky she’s a journalist. Address maloom kar leta.”

This fresh by him has brought the role of Mumbai Police, which reports to the BJP government in Maharashtra, under scanner. Supporters of the BJP have rallied behind the former Bollywood singer justifying his profanities and sexual slur at journalist Swati Chaturvedi.

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya at Mount view in Chandigarh *** Local Caption *** Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya at Mount view in Chandigarh.-Express photo by Jasbir Malhi 25-02-12
Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya at Mount view in Chandigarh (Indian Express Photo)

The BJP supporters even trended #IStandWithBJP on Twitter on Sunday. Some people have slammed Women’s Commission, who had moved with lightening speed to bring Salman Khan in the dock for his rape remarks.

User Richa Sharma on Twitter said, “Where are Mahila Aayog now to demand this idiot singer’s arrest?”

User Brumby sarcastically wrote, “Abhijeet sounds like a civilized name, not barbaric like Salman or Mu-Salman. Mahila ayog can take it easy this time.”

User Lindsay Pereira wrote, “Wow, an awful singer can’t even abuse on Twitter or molest them at his pujas these days. A true patriot.”

Swati Chaturvedi and’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, were abused on Twitter by the singer on Sunday when both objected to his blatant attempts to spread misinformation on Chennai’s techie’s murder.

Abhijeet, known for his right-wing leaning, had tweeted describing Swathi’s murder as a case of Love Jihad implying that her killer was a Muslim.

Chennai Police on Saturday arrested the suspected killer, who was identified as Ram Kumar.




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