Controversy over Chief Justice’s Balochistan comments he never made, Times of India deletes tweet


On Monday a new controversy erupted on social media over a tweet by Times of India, which quoted the Chief Justice of India as question the central government’s policy on Pakistani province of Balochistan.

According to the Times of India tweet, CJI Justice Thakur had said, “Balochistan not India’s concern, says Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur.”


The TOI tweet became viral in no time with prominent names on Twitter sharing and commenting on the alleged statement made by Justice Thakur.

However, not everyone appeared willing to take the TOI tweet at face value.

Soon, Times of India deleted the tweet, implying that it had wrongly attributed the comments on Balochistan to Chief Justice Thakur.

But by this time, many Twitter users had already begun training their guns at the CJI, who’s been widely hailed for his being an upright judge.

Chief Justice

Although, the newspaper has not issued any clarification as to how it ended up wrongly quoting the CJI, it appears that the TOI wrongly attributed the comments made by former minister of external affairs, Salman Khurshid, to Justice Thakur.

Khurshid, according to an earlier PTI report, had said, “To interfere in Pakistan’s internal matter, no matter how appropriate it may be in terms of human rights, political aspirations of people, it is not our business.”

Justice Thakur was in news earlier on Monday when he questioned PM Modi’s silence on the appointment of judges during his 90-minute long Independence Day speech.

Speaking at a function in Supreme Court, Justice Thakur lamented that he hoped Modi to speak on the appointment of judges.

If indeed TOI’s tweet was based on Justice Thakur’s speech at the Supreme Court’s function, then that event had among others, the Union Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad.

It will be interesting to see if Prasad denies or confirms the reporting of TOI.


Here are some social media reactions on this topic;



  1. Perhaps the CJ has a rational mind and clearly sees what goes in the nation’s interest and what not. There are some points to be made on the issue in the light of this article:
    1) Modi taking up the issue of Balochistan further stains India’s relationship with Pakistan. As the article says, it puts the Balochistan and Pakistan-Administered Kashmir in the same line. This will only promote further hostility and mistrust between the two at a time when both need to be working towards conflict resolution to create a prosperous and progressive South Asia.
    2) Indian Army itself has carried out atrocities in Indian-Administered Kashmir and these are not hidden from the international media. Pakistan can easily debunk India’s stance on Balochistan by stressing on the violations India itself has carried out in Kashmir.
    3) Balochistan and Bangladesh are not the same. The reason why many Indians still think that they can separate Balochistan is because of Bangladesh. Separation of Bangladesh required a full-scale war when none of the two countries had nuclear capabilities. Now both have nukes and therefore, war is out of question. And no war means Balochistan is always going to be a part of Pakistan.
    4) The reason why India has been able to instigate some Balochis against the Govt of Pakistan so far is that the province has been subject to neglect. However, with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passing through Balochistan means that stability of the province is vital for the trade interests of China. The attempt by Indian Govt to instabilize Balochistan directly goes against Chinese interests in the region (remember 1962?)
    5) Nurturing and promoting hatred against Pakistan has never given anything good to India except for satiating some bloated egos. A peaceful and stable Pakistan is in the economic interests of India. This new chapter of Balochistan in India-Pakistan relationship marks only that neither we have learnt anything from history; nor are willing to.


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