BJP ‘abandons’ former singer Abhijeet on online abuse of female journalist, Centre mulls action


Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Wednesday revealed that her ministry had taken cognisance of the sexual harassment of a female journalist on Twitter by former singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

This came a day after the minister announced a special email for accepting complaints from women, who were victims of online abuse.

When reminded by a user Sahil Yadav about Abhijeet’s use of extreme profanities against journalist Swati Chaturvedi, Gandhi said that she was dealing with the case.

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She also informed that it was Abhijeet’s series of tweets that had prompted her to announce a dedicated email service for reporting of such crimes in future.

She wrote, “We are dealing with this. In fact it is this this set of tweets that finally pushed me into make omen and Cybercrime into a cell. (sic)”

maneka abhijeet

Abhijeet, who flaunted his widely condemned action on national TV channels, had also criticised the BJP MP, Varun Gandhi, when the latter described his online abuse against a woman journalist as ‘shameful.’

Varun had tweeted, “Irrespective of political ideology, one needs to be mindful of a woman’s dignity. This sort of crass bullying is shameful.”

Varun’s tweet was in response to the use of vile languages by the former singer.

The motor-mouth former singer, who also threatened of physical harm to’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on ABP News understandably gained confidence by lack of action by Mumbai Police, which reports to Maharashtra’s BJP-led government.

Sources said that the WCD minister was ‘extremely uncomfortable’ on how the controversial was allowed to make obnoxious comments tantamount to misogyny and sexual harassment with impunity.

Chaturvedi thanked the minister by saying, “thank you for being so concerned & making an effort!

The WCD ministry, according to a source, is determined to make an example out of Abhijeet’s ‘antics’ primarily to deter others to emulate his ‘shenanigans’ in future. Gandhi on Wednesday also launched a campaign #IamTrolledHelp for women in distress because of people such as Abhijeet, who, on this occasion, was found to be blatantly bullying and abusing a woman journalist online.


In countries like UK, there are strict laws to deal with online abusers or those who harass individuals on social media. There have been several examples in recent pasr when the British police promptly responded to media reporting of similar incidents!


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