Trump administration warn media, says ‘We’re going to fight back tooth and nail’


The Trump Administration will fight back “tooth and nail” against false reporting and can “rethink” its relationship with the press, top aides to new US President Donald Trump said today, as they slammed the media for trying to “delegetimise” the presidential elections.

“There’s an obsession by the media to delegitimise this President, and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. We’re going to fight back tooth and nail every day,” the White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told Fox News in an interview today.

 Trump Administration
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“The point is not the crowd size, the point is that the attacks and the attempts to delegitimise this President in one day — and we’re not going to sit around and take it,” Priebus said.

Earlier today, unhappy over media reports on the crowd size at presidential inauguration on Friday, Trump has described journalists as the most “dishonest human beings on Earth”.

Priebus said that President Trump was trying to unify the country from day one in office, but the media was resorting to false reporting to “delegitimise” him.

“The media, from day one, has been talking about delegitimising the election, talking about the Russians, talking about everything you can imagine, except the fact that we need to move this country forward,” Priebus said.

Meanwhile, another top aide, Kellylanne Conway, Counselor to the President, told ABC News that the Trump administration can “rethink” its relationship with the media if false reporting continues.

Conway said that it is completely irresponsible for the media to be calling the White House press secretary a “liar” on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere in articles.

“That is not the way to start relationships,” she said.

“We have not been treated very well. This man (Trump) is the President of the United States. If people would just go back, and listen to and watch his inaugural address again, that goes for everybody, calling for unification, being aspirational, talking about giving power back to the people.

“We can’t invite a press pool on the first day of the Oval Office with the President of the United States signing executive orders and then a big lie told about the bust of Martin Luther King Jr, days after our President Trump met with Martin Luther King III in New York and had an incredibly powerful and constructive conversation with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son saying that he wants to support this President, that he believes he must unify and heal the nation,” Conway said.

“Then you have a bunch of people from the press writing these snarky articles that were also false. It has to go both ways and it has to start right now,” the top Trump aide told the news network.

She was responding to questions on the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accusing the media a day earlier for indulging in inaccurate reporting and asserting that he would hold the media accountable.

“The President supports his Press Secretary and his press operation. Our press secretary was making the point that accountability has to go both ways,” she said.

“The press pooler gave a false report, that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.

That is just false. It is dangerous and destructive on day one for the press to be reporting false information like that,” Conway added.


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