“This is Modi’s brutal New India where humanity is replaced with hatred”


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for turning India into a hate-fileld society. Reacting to yet another barbaric lynching of a Muslim man by Hindutva terrorists in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, Rahul said that ‘this is Modi’s brutal’ new India.


He tweeted, “Policemen in #Alwar took 3 hrs to get a dying Rakbar Khan, the victim of a lynch mob, to a hospital just 6 KM away. Why?  They took a tea-break enroute. This is Modi’s brutal “New India” where humanity is replaced with hatred and people are crushed and left to die. (sic).”

Rahul’s reaction came just hours after it emerged that policemen’s priority was never to take the injured Rakbar Khan to hospital, which was just 6 kms away. Instead, the cops in Ramgarh, first visited the house of Naval Kishore, a member of the local Hindutva gang, to make arrangements for cows’ rehabilitation.

The cops then went to a local tea stall to enjoy their refreshment break before taking Rakbar to Community Health Centre in Rmagarh. Upon arriving at the CHC, Khan was declared brought dead.

Dr Hasan Ali, who was the duty officer at the CHC, told Times of India, “They (police) brought him at 4 am and as he was brought dead, I directed that the body be shifted to the mortuary.”

Incidentally, Khan cried in pain even as policemen enjoyed their tea break. The cops had also beaten up the victim in their custody. The Alwar SP, Rajendra Singh, said that he had taken note of the grave allegations against his police personnel and ordered an inquiry.

The police in Rajasthan report to the state’s BJP government, which has pushed the state into an utter lawlessness with Hindutva terrorists killing Muslims with impunity.

Rajasthan has become notorious for being the hub of Hindutva terrorism. Not so long ago, a Hindutva terrorist Shambhulal Regar had axed a Muslim man before burning him alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand area. He had filmed his entire act using hsi mobile phone. He was later glorified as a hero by local Hindus as they decided to have his statue on display during this year’s Ramnavami celebrations.



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