Saudi king left red-faced after his golden escalator stops working in Russia


Saudis are known for their opulence with the members of Royal family particularly often being condemned for their extravagance even as ordinary citizens have been suffering in the kingdom.

golden escalator

One such example was on display during the Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz’s visit to Moscow on Friday. Abdulaziz arrived in Russia with a lavish entourage of 1,500 staff, plush carpets and gold plated protective barriers to Russia. His official plane had a golden escalator attached to it.

The octogenarian monarch arrived in Moscow and the golden escalator was quickly attached to his plane for the monarch to alight. Everything appeared to go well until the king realised that the golden escalator had stopped working midway, all of a sudden.

This wasn’t something Abdulaziz was expecting. He stood static for few seconds before realising that there was no option but for him to finally take a few steps. So he did.

But the video of a king’s opulence and his refusal to walk even few steps has gone viral since then.

The king’s antics became a subject of social media ridicule with some expressing concern for the manufacturer of the escalator while others simply mocking the shenanigans of an extravagant monarch.



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