Sacked junior HRD minister Katheria warns, BJP may suffer in Uttar Pradesh elections


Among those who were shown doors in Tuesday’s cabinet rejig was also the controversial MP, Ram Shankar Katheria, who’s known for his controversial statements in the past.

He served as Smriti Irani’s deputy in the HRD ministry until he was removed on Tuesday. Many applauded Modi for punishing a minister, who had brought considerable disgrace to the post by making violent anti-Muslim speeches in the past.


Katheria has now hit back warning the BJP of consequences in the next year’s assembly elections, Katheria said that even though he had left his post voluntarily, his supporters were very angry on his exit from the cabinet.

Katheria said that Amit Shah had asked him to work for the party in the elections but it may suffer losses in assembly elections because of this decision.

” I did a good job as a Dalit minister. It’s because of my work that Mayawati lost her dominance in Itawa. Now my supporters are angry,” Katheria was quoted by Jansatta.



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