Reports of active political role for Priyanka fake news: Congress


The Congress today rejected reports of Sonia Gandhi indicating an active political role for daughter Priyanka and termed it as “mischievous instance of fake news” and unnecessary speculation.

“The news is entirely false and baseless,” AICC incharge of media department Randeep Surjewala said in a statement.

“It is a mischievous instance of fake news and unnecessary speculation,” he added

Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said it is laughable that the media takes planted news seriously.

“It is mischievous and a fabrication. We reject it,” he said.

“These are government planted fabrications and distractions. They require no comment from the Congress, except that I dismiss this,” Sharma said.

The Congress leader alleged that the government was busy planting news and distracting the attention of people from their failures and shortcomings.

Sharma, however, cautioned the media not to fall into this “trap of planted news” and said this is to distract attention and focus from what is happening.

He said the government does not want to discuss issues like the failures of this government, non-performance, non- deliverance, rising terrorist attacks, killing of soldiers and jawans, as also what is happening and also what has happened in Gorakhpur.


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