Powerful earthquake kills more than 130 in Mexico


More than 130 people have died after a strong earthquake with 7.1 magnitude struck central Mexico toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City.


Rescuers are desperately searching for survivors and there are reports of children trapped in a partly collapsed school, reported BBC News.

Ironically, the tragedy struck Mexico on the day people were taking part in an earthquake drill exactly 32 years after a quake had killed thousands.

At least 90 people were killed earlier this month, when an 8.1 magnitude earthquake had struck the southern part of Mexico.

The US Geological Survey said that the epicentre of the latest quake was believed to be next to Atencingo in Puebla state, about 120 kms from Mexico City, with a depth of 51km,

At least 64 people were killed in Morelos state alone, south of the capital, and 29 reported killed in Puebla state. Thirty-six are confirmed dead in Mexico City with another nine in Mexico State.

A dust-covered Carlos Mendoza, 30, said that he and other volunteers had been able to pull two people alive from the ruins of a collapsed apartment building three hours of effort.

“We saw this and came to help,” he said. “It’s ugly, very ugly.”

Alma Gonzalez, according to PTI, was in her fourth floor apartment in the Roma neighbourhood when the quake collapsed the ground floor of her building, leaving her no way out, until neighbours set up a ladder on their roof and helped her slide out a side window.

Gala Dluzhynska was taking a class with 11 other women on the second floor of a building on the trendy Alvaro Obregon street when the quake struck and window and ceiling panels fell as the building began to tear apart.

She said she fell in the stairs and people began to walk over her, before someone finally pulled her up.

“There were no stairs anymore. There were rocks,” she said.


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