Plane carrying 60 passengers crashes in Iran, all feared dead


A plane carrying 60 passengers and six crew members has crashed in Iran with all feared dead. The accident took place in a mountainous area of central Iran, about 390 miles south of the capital Tehran, local media reports said. The reason for the crash is not know, but the bad weather is preventing emergency helicopters from reaching the site.


The plane, believed to be an ATR 72-500, was operated by Aseman Airlines.

A report by BBC said that the plane came down in the Zagros mountains near the city of Semirom in Isfahan province while flying between Tehran and the south-western city of Yasuj, reports say.

An emergency  services spokesperson said, “All emergency forces are on alert.” The plane had 60 passengers, two security guards, two flight attendants and the pilot and co-pilot.

Aseman Airlines spokesman Mohammad Taghi Tabatabai was quoted as saying, “After searches in the area, unfortunately we were informed that the plane crashed. Unfortunately, all our dear ones lost their lives in this incident.”

Aseman is a semi-private air carrier that specialises in flights to remote airfields in Iran, reported British broadcaster Sky News.



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