Pakistan court pronounces four death sentences to little Zainab’s rapist/killer within month of crime


An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has just handed four death sentences to the man, who raped and murdered the little girl, Zainab,  last month. Zainab’s rape and murder had shocked the world and even sparked incidents of rioting in Kasur district of Punjab province.

24-year-old Imran Ali was on trial for raping and killing seven-year-old Zainab Fatima Ameen last month. He’s also facing charges in the cases of at least seven other children attacked, five of whom he murdered.

After the court passed its judgement, prosecutor general of Punjab Ihtesham Qadir said that Ali was handed four separate death sentences after being convicted of rape and murder of Zainab, reported The News of Pakistan.

Ali was also fined Rs 20 lakh for sodomy and hiding the body of Zainab and disrespecting her body by throwing it in the trash heap, reported Pakistan Today.

The speedy trial in the case of Zainab’s rape and murder is a lesson to the Indian judiciary, which has not been able to punish the killers of Nirbhaya, who was gangraped and murdered in December 2013 in Delhi.

Not so long ago, an eight-month-old baby was raped by a 27-year-old man in the national capital of India. Speaking on Janta Ka Conclave in Kolkata last year, Delhi Commission for Women Chief Swati Maliwal had expressed her frustration on the low conviction rate in rape crimes in India. Citing Delhi’s example, Maliwal had said, “Between 2012 and 2014, 31,446 crimes were registered in Delhi. FIRs were filed, but less than 150 were convicted. In our country nobody fears the law. They think they can get away with any crime against women and that’s what the DCW is trying to change.”

Pakistani court handing out death penalty to Zainab’s rapist and killer within a month of the crime being committed comes at a time when Hindutva forces in Jammu are demanding the release of a police officer, Deepak Khujaria; who is alleged to have raped and killed an 8-year-old child.



  1. Whether pakistan or india or any part of world, such people should be put to trial fast. Thx to pakistan in this issue atleast.
    Hope pakistan takes a ue out of this and repair fences with india too in equally fast manner.

    India should also learn how to give high priority to such cases on war-footing


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