Nikki Haley heckled and booed, audience member asks “what about refugees”


Nikki Haley, the tough-talking and blunt US Ambassador to the UN, was heckled during an annual summit on women in New York as she spoke about President Donald Trump and Russia.

Haley was talking during the ‘Women in the World Summit’, an annual gathering of influential women leaders, politicians and activists organised by Tina Brown in association with the New York Times.
nikki haley heckled

As she was answering questions during a session, ‘Trump’s Diplomat: Nikki Haley’, Haley was booed and heckled on several occasions. At one point someone in the audience shouted “what about refugees”. During the nearly 22-minute session, a woman in the audience shouted “when is the next panel,” to which the 45-year-old exclaimed “wow” as the audience tried to shush the heckler.

She was heckled again when asked how America deals with some of the world leaders who are dictators. “You call them out when they do something wrong and you work with them when you can find ways to work with them.”

At the end of the day, Ms Brown commended Ms Haley for attending the event even as she got a “boisterous reception” and for remaining gracious as she was heckled. “We often complain and sneer and say Republicans never want to come on any kind of forum except Fox News or places where they can be asked questions that are soft,” Ms Brown said, adding that Haley did not put on any pre-conditions and sat very “graciously” while the audience heckled.

“She didn’t get agitated about it, and she’s in the middle of a lot of world crises. So I feel that we should really applaud the fact that she did come,” Ms Brown added.

When asked why the world has not heard much from President Trump about Russia, Ms Haley said, “First of all, keep in mind that I work for the Trump administration,” a response that generated boos and heckles from the audience.

Ms Haley added that she has “hit Russia over the head more times than I can count. It’s because if they do something wrong we are going to call them out on it. If they want to help us defeat terrorism, fine. But the things they have done with Crimea and Ukraine, the things they have done with how they have covered up for (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, we are not going to give them a pass on.”


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