British man, who called for killing of all Muslims after Manchester terror attack in Facebook post, jailed for 12 months


A British court has jailed a man, who had asked for British Muslims to be killed in the aftermath of Manchester terror attack, for 12 months.

manchester terror attack

22-year-old Keegan Jakovlevs from Wrexham had published a public Facebook post, which read, “Let’s kill every Muslim.” He had taken down his post shortly afterwards. While appearing before Mold Crown Court on Thursday, he admitted publishing material with the intention of stirring up religious hatred.

PC Jon Blake, who headed the probe, was quoted by ITV News, “The nature and timing of this offence was shocking. We will not tolerate such hate crimes and will bring offenders before the courts. His sentence reflects the gravity of his offence.”

Sue Hemming, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s special crime and counter-terrorism division, said, “After the Manchester attack, there were countless messages of support on social media for those affected – but Keegan Jakovlevs chose to stir up religious hatred by calling for British Muslims to be indiscriminately killed. No harmful consequences appear to have resulted, but his intention was clear and he pleaded guilty once he saw the CPS case against him.”

The Manchester terror attack had left 22 people killed and many injured on 22 May during a musical concert by Ariana Grande.

The sentencing of a British man for posting hate speech comes amidst raging debates on similar messages being posted by the members of the right-wing Hindutva brigade on social media in India. Many of them are followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s been under considerable pressure to sever his ties with the trolls.

However, on Thursday, his party, the BJP, released a sensational statement defending a troll, who had called a murdered journalist, Gauri Lankesh, ‘bitch who died a dog’s death.’ In his statement, the party’s head of IT Cell, had called the action of the right-wing Hindutva troll his right to ‘freedom of expression.’




  1. And yet that hook handed fcuk hole Abu Hamza and his evil gang are allowed to walk the streets asking other muslims to kill non believers and behead police/army/servicemen. This just shows how backwards this country has become and why it’ll be going even further down the toilet.


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